DJ Alex D’Elia has a natural musical talent dating back to third grade when he learned the guitar. Alex always brings energy to his sets with a passion for making sure his guests rock the dance floor all night.

Alex is making a strong presence for himself in the London club scene working with The Ceeps to deliver unforgettable parties weekly.

Similar to his club performances, Alex provides a fast-paced dancing environment for his weddings, working closely with each couple to achieve their dream wedding reception.

He brings his love of music to every performance, striving to become better every time he gets behind the decks.

The Run Down

Favourite music to listen to: Little bit of everything, lots of EDM and Classic Rock
Favourite music to DJ: Top 40 of every genre, 2000s Pop, EDM
High school: St Francis Catholic Secondary School
Post Secondary school: Western University
Joined DJ Alpha Productions: 2021