Ben D’Amelio (DJ OB)

//Ben D’Amelio (DJ OB)

Ben D’Amelio (DJ OB)

DJ OB began his career in weddings early in life. Since 1997 DJ OB began working at First Christian Reformed Church as part of the sound crew. For the better part of a decade he was the man behind the sound booth at hundreds of church services, functions and hundreds of different weddings. An alumni of The University of Western Ontario, he graduated with a bachelors in arts with a minor in music, making him the perfect resource for picking the optimal piece of classical or acoustic music to set the mood for your ceremony or cocktail hour. Along with his husband, one of DJ Alpha’s most experienced members, DJ Kevin Evans, DJ OB has been a part of a multitude of weddings at Bellamere over the past 4 years and looks forward to being part of yours too.

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