Seamless mixes and tight blends mark the core of DJ Beatzilla’s musical manifesto. Based out of London, Ontario, the young Canadian DJ has been tearing dancefloors apart for more than half a decade.

The tastemaker’s influences are vast, though he is consistent and precise in his selection. A typical Beatzilla set keeps the vibe high, incorporating Top 40s, hip-hop, EDM, latin, reggae and throwback jams from yesteryear.

For Beatzilla, music transcends much further than structured beats, melodies and notes. It’s a driving force capable of uniting one another, and through his carefully thought out sets, he aims to play music that takes people on a journey back to a special moment in time.

Beatzilla has also had significant success producing his own edits and remixes, some of which have been featured on notorious record pools such as Club Killers, Headliner Music Club, Remixed And Mashed, and Digital DJ Pool. He has appeared on local and international radio stations 106.9FM, 94.9FM, 96.9FM, Wild1Radio, and Dilpo’s Revolution on Sirius XM. He also hosts his own monthly mix podcast, titled ‘Bedroom Bangerz’.

Today, Beatzilla continues to set stages alight across the club and festival circuit, and has his heart set on performing in as many of the best nightclubs across the world. Keep an ear to the ground for a Beatzilla show near you.

The Run Down
Favourite music to listen to: Hip-hop and EDM
Favourite music to DJ: Hip-hop and EDM
High school: St. Patricks (Sarnia)
Joined DJ Alpha Productions: 2015

Please note: DJ Beatzilla is not available for weddings

2017 Rookie Of The Year

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