Caleb Moran (DJ Mumble)

//Caleb Moran (DJ Mumble)

Caleb Moran (DJ Mumble)

Caleb aka DJ Mumble has been rocking the decks for over seven years, briefly taking time off to manage the bar at Tap House, but never losing his love of music and nightlife. Caleb is a rare type of DJ that “just gets it”, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, school or special event, it takes but a few moments for him to slide right into the vibe of the event and deliver a great show.

The Run Down:
Favourite music to listen to: Little bit of everything
Favourite music to DJ: Hip Hop, Top 40 of every genre
High school: Canterbury Arts High School
Post Secondary school: Fanshawe College (Still enrolled)
Joined DJ Alpha Productions: 2016

2017 Most Dedicated DJ

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