Dan (DJ Dan-O-Mite)

//Dan (DJ Dan-O-Mite)

Dan (DJ Dan-O-Mite)

Although no longer an active DJ, DJ Dan-O-Mite was the first DJ to join our team, and remains a pivotal part of our success. Call him a wedding DJ, club DJ or school DJ, Dan’s skills were versatile enough to please crowds all over London, On. Proudly opening for Classified, DJing live on 103.1 Fresh FM and 106.9 The X, DJ Dan-O-Mite brought the energy behind the decks.

Although Dan is currently focusing on his full time career, he continues to help out behind the scenes and at wedding shows at DJ Alpha Productions

The Run Down
Favourite music to listen to: heavy metal
Favourite music to DJ: Anything that packs the dance floor
High school: Banting SS
Post secondary: Western University & Fanshawe College
Started with DJ Alpha: 2009

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