A lot like his personality, DJ Jay Scott’s style is hype, high energy, and groovy. Jay often pulls from his wide range of musical tastes to deliver sets that not only get people on the dance floor, but keeps them there!

Jay has become a staple in London’s club scene, working closely with Ceeps and Barney’s in London since 2017 and previous playing at bars such as Hudson, Thorny Devil, Robinson Hall and the Frog.

Jay Scott has also made his name known in south western Ontario’s wedding scene, being signed to DJ Alpha Productions in 2014, and working with Twelfth Night Events and Unmistakably You to name a few.

Jay is consistently one of the most booked DJ with DJ Alpha Productions, playing over 120 events per year, including clubs, patios, high schools, and 35+weddings annually; winning numerous awards such as Most Dedicated DJ, DJ Choice, and DJ of The Year on several occasions.

The Run Down
Favourite Music To Listen To: House, Soca, Dancehall, 2000s Hip Hop/ RnB / Party Rock Anthems
Favourite Music To DJ:
2000s Hip Hop and Party Rock Anthems, House, Soca, Dancehall
Secondary School: St Joseph Saskatoon, A.C.C. Brandon
Post Secondary School: Westervelt London
Joined DJ Alpha Productions: 2014


2019 DJ of the Year
2019 DJs Choice
2018 DJ of the Year
2017 Most Dedicated DJ

Video Montage of Jay’s Past Weddings

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Ceeps Promo

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