Richie (DJ Sweet Beetz)

//Richie (DJ Sweet Beetz)

Richie (DJ Sweet Beetz)

DJ Sweet Beetz jumped into DJing when a friend asked him to cover a busy night at Molly Bloom’s last minute. Since then, he has kept dance floors moving at a diverse range of venues, and events including: weddings, stag & does, corporate Christmas parties, bars, and even hosting private karaoke parties.

Although Richie is a new addition to DJ Alpha Productions, his crowd reading skills and adaptability have made him a natural fit.

The Run Down
Favourite music to listen to: Top 40, EDM, Pop Punk, Metal
Favourite music to DJ: 90’s/2000’s, Top 40 remixes
High school: Medway
Post Secondary: Huron University College, Richard Ivey School of Business
Joined DJ Alpha Productions: 2017

2018 Rookie Of The Year

Check out my mixes for all events:

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