DJ Sweet Beetz jumped into DJing when a friend asked him to cover a busy night at Molly Bloom’s last minute. Since then, he has kept dance floors moving at a diverse range of venues, and events including: weddings, stag & does, corporate Christmas parties, bars, and even hosting private karaoke parties.

Richie’s crowd reading skills and adaptability have allowed him to keep any dance floor busy and full of energy.

DJ Sweet Beetz is the Exclusive DJ for Twelfth Night Events.

The Run Down
Favourite music to listen to: Top 40, EDM, Pop Punk, Metal
Favourite music to DJ: 90’s/2000’s, Top 40 remixes
High school: Medway
Post Secondary: Huron University College, Richard Ivey School of Business
Joined DJ Alpha Productions: 2017

2018 Rookie Of The Year

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