Originally hailing from East London, England, Tommy Lewis is a one of a kind DJ who now lives in Canada. His sets are proven to be very different and very grabbing to make everyone in the room involved. From this he has been blessed to share this opportunity with listeners in North America and Overseas, especially where he is from (UK).

Tommy Lewis’s music culture has grown with him ever since he started to DJ at the age of 12 on vinyl, given music to mix such as Acid House (something his mum grew up on in the early rave scene culture of England) Tommy has taken this in his stride and developed an ear for all types of music.

At the tender age of 22, Tommy has experience in all types of gigs that involves DJing. Ever since playing his first gigs at the age of 16 involving clubs, weddings, stag & does, etc. Tommy has proven he knows what it takes to make an unforgettable experience.

If you want an unforgettable experience and a journey into music Tommy is your DJ, and will be willing to work in every corner to make your day/evening one to remember.

The Run Down:
Favourite music to listen to: Electronic, Disco, Soul, Old School Hip Hop & Indie
Favourite music to DJ: Electronic/Disco
High school: East Elgin Secondary School
Joined DJ Alpha Productions: 2018