We found our roots in nightclubs in and around London, On, and continue to DJ these clubs weekly. Originally playing at the infamous GT’s on Richmond St, we’ve branched out to dozens of clubs around Southwestern Ontario, currently playing over 300 club nights a year. Over the years we’ve learned the key differentiating factor that sets us apart from other DJs. Owners, managers and promoters, please don’t hesitate to find out how we can help your club serve its clientele.

Wednesdays: Moxies (London, On)
Thursdays: Carey’s & Tap House (London, On), Tonic Nightclub (Chatham, On)
Fridays: Tap House (London, On), Tonic Nightclub (Chatham, On) & on Air 102.3 Jack FM @ 5:00 PM (London, On or online)
Saturdays: Oliver Twists (London, On) & Tonic Nightclub (Chatham, On)

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